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Compton Scattering Experiment

Observing Compton Scattering Using the Spectrum Techniques UCS-20 MCA

Spectrum Techniques of Oak Ridge, TN – a top supplier of Exempt Quantity radioisotope sources and nuclear measurement instrumentation – released today our tutorial:

“Experiment Note: Exploring Compton Scattering Using the Spectrum Techniques Universal Computer Spectrometer”

This paper shows how to use commercial equipment instead of diy instrumentation to conduct the Compton Scattering experiment of Chapter 5 of our book “Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects.”

Spectrum Techniques’ website is at:

Click here for a free download of our paper from Spectrum Techniques.

Our paper is also available from our site  in pdf format: Compton Scattering Experiment by Prutchi


Gamma Spectrum of Cs-137 and Compton Scatter of 662keV line


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